Sunday, October 01, 2006

Out of Town

I'll be out of town in Ankeny, Iowa until Wednesday evening. It's a pretty sweet deal. I get off three days of work for two days of class and I get $120 in food spending money. Which, we all know, if I applied myself, I could live for a whole month off of.

I know it's been a whole five days since I've said it last, but... I love my job!

The class is on courtroom testimony. Should be interesting. And someday, very handy to have had, I'm sure. Time is closing in on my "honeymoon period" at work where I didn't have to make appearances in court.

The whole lawyer thing is kinda intimidating.

Although, somewhere inside of me, I long to get up there and scream "You can't handle the truth!!"

Alas, my Jack Nicholson is not very good.

See you back here Thursday.

End Blog.

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