Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Student Becomes Teacher

So, Thursday at 8am I'm lecturing at crime scene school for an hour on sexual assault evidence - preservation, recovery, concerns, lab capabilites, etc. Remember back in June when I attended crime scene school? Yeah, same one.

Currently I'm debating if I should take out the one horribly graphic picture I have in my powerpoint during the case study section. Because if I'm saying it's horribly graphic, that should mean something to the rest of you normal folk. But, I'm already talking about the case, so... I might as well let the picture speak for me so I don't have to say anything beyond "the man brutilized her". Plus, they're all law enforcement anyway. I assume they sort of expect that kind of thing.

Sadly, I imagine my portion of class will be rather boring. But I guess most lectures are. I'm going to have to practice it tomorrow after work. It's supposed to be an hour and I've managed to prepare an 85 slide powerpoint. I'm hoping that works out properly, but if not, I'm sure they won't mind a longer break before the DNA lecture... which will be more boring than me. So, that's a plus at least.

Aaaaanyway... I just wanted to point out how odd it is that I'm teaching this four months after I was sitting in the back row of the very same class. And I hope I don't screw anything up. But, on a scale of things, I'd rather be doing this than sitting on the witness stand in court.

Oh, hey, sidenote: they restructured the civilian jobs at work. My "official" title is now Forensic Specialist 3. It's like I got promoted two steps without getting any more money. Luckily, we're keeping the "Criminalist" title for everybody that already has it because I recently ordered business cards. I wonder if they're ever coming in...

End Blog.

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