Monday, October 30, 2006

Why am I not a Nielsen Family? Why?

I heard about this on the radio today. Seems nothing really changes in the television industry. Well written shows can't last more than a season because America wouldn't know a good series if it bit them on the ass. (As they don't know many good things that come along.) No, instead, America has to watch CSI: Miami.

Stupid CSI. Why are three of the top seven shows all CSI? How is that even possible!?

I don't agree with most of America, most of the time. This so reminds me of American Idol voting and Mom's response of, "America sucks! We should take all their phones away!" Agreed, Mom. Agreed.

L.A. Times:

Studio 60: Not Doing Well, May Be Mercifully Cancelled

By Patrick Day and Chris Barton, Times Staff Writer

Despite rave reviews, the public doesn't always love shows that critics think are sure things. Here are series that took off, only to crash.

Before the fall season ever began, television critics scrambled to heap praise on writer Aaron Sorkin's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." With its big-name cast (Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, Bradley Whitford and D.L. Hughley!), top-shelf pedigree (from the writer-director team behind "The West Wing"!) and sexy subject matter (behind the scenes at a late night sketch comedy series!) the show seemed like a can't-miss, hit-one-out-of-the-ballpark prime time drama hit. Ratings-starved NBC probably envisioned people hosting "Studio 60" viewing parties, a new wave of yuppies naming their children Aaron or even Studio, and a long, long network run, loaded with the promise of syndication moolah and huge DVD sales.

One month later, it appears "Studio 60" will be lucky to last the season. Since its premiere on Sept. 19, the pricey series has been shedding viewers weekly, and those who once saw Aaron Sorkin as the Arthur Miller of network drama grumble about the poor quality of the show's comedy and the characters' endless back-patting claims that said tepid comedy is in fact boundary-pushing, hilarious, edgy fare.

If "Studio 60" meets its maker sooner, rather than later, it won't be the first "sure thing" series that never made it. In what's become an almost annual rite, one big, expensive, much-hyped series inevitably fails to make it past its freshman year.


Aaron, Please don't leave me.

End Blog.


Anonymous said...


Sorkin has done so much good (Sports night, 4 great season of West Wing) that the half good show he is making now shouldn't get thrown in the converstation.

Sorkin is a giant spoiled brat, and this hsow is him shitting all over the TV industry in a bad way. The show doesn't really make any sense, and it has as many bad characters as good ones.

They need a matt/harriet Spin off, that will be good.

This should teach sorkin a lesson. Maybe the next one will be good.

30 Rock is better


Nikki said...

Blech. You can't even compare the two. They're completely different. But if you're pitting Sorkin and Fey against each other, that's an obvious choice.

The only reason Harriet is on the show is to annoy me. But, it's the good kind of, man, I love to not like you kind of thing.

Peet's character is probably the best, but now that she's got herself knocked up, I can see it causing problems. If she wasn't in the Matt/Harriet spin off, there's not a big chance I'd be watching.

I never watched Sports Night or The West Wing. For obvious reasons. I care not about sports nor government. But TV? Yes, TV I love.

Sure, it's not the best show ever. I agree there. But it's one of the best new dramas I've seen this year. I mean... Heroes? THAT had real potential and ended up in disappointment.

Mostly I'm annoyed that it's opposite CSI: Miami. Given the two, people are making the wrong choice. Studio 60 blows CSI out of the water. Think about it.

Lil'motherf*cker said...

Although I like Eva LaRue having a job that's not AMC. While still allowing her to wear a lab coat.

Nikki said...

Although she's on just about as much as she was on AMC. Although, she did almost get a storyline once.