Sunday, October 08, 2006

Return to Cook Islands

Okay, so I don't have a whole lot of things to say about Survior this week. But I do have a few.

1. Parvati. Is this her actual name or have I confused her with a Harry Potter character? I mean, this is the girl that went to the Yule Ball with Harry Potter, right? You know, after the smart Asian chick (Cho) turned him down. Why has no one else made this connection? I'd be walking around the island asking her how Lavendar Brown was doing... oh, ALL the time. Then I'd tell her to teach me stuff she learned in Divination class. She'd probably vote me off the island first. (although, with that name, she should totally be Indian, which fits into none of the racial categories.)

2. Why does it seem like Candice is always chewing gum? (Or was that just part of her 'playing dumb' strategy?) Is gum something that is deemed a necessity for survival? It's driving me crazy. Chew with your mouth closed.

3. For having a self proclaimed 'strong' team, Raro isn't winning all that much. The muscle bound boys aren't working well with their women.

4. Woo! Lookit the women power breaking up the men's alliance! I wonder if voting JP off was really a wise choice though.

5. I wanted Ozzy gone as soon as he claimed he didn't want to be there anymore. Until I saw him catching fish.

But mostly... I want Harry Potter jokes. I know someone MUST have read them.

End Blog.

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Kerriann said...

I have to say - Survivor is a little slow lately, it was much more fun when the tribes were seperated. Although it was fun to watch Ozzy kick JP's lazy ass.