Friday, October 20, 2006

Walking in Circles Gets Me Somewhere

Tonight I'll be at UMKC's indoor track walking around in 18 oblong circles. If I do this within the alotted 30 minute time period, the department will just hand over two lovely days of vacation time that must be used within the next 12 month period.


See, the police DO believe in bribery.

End Blog.


Anonymous said...

I never heard the term oblong circle before. I like it better than oval. Has more... character.
BTW-- Did you get the days off?

Nikki said...

I just barely got the days off. It's the fastest walk ever. Like, I couldn't actually do it and keep on pace. Because you have to walk. No jogging. Which means one foot has to be on the ground at all times. I got yelled at a few times... but they gave it to me anyway. I think.

My short little legs just don't get me very far.

Big Sis said...

As far as I know, humans can't run if there's not one foot on the ground at all times. Now, maybe you couldn't do a long jump or a triple jump, or ride a *horse* that can have all its legs off the ground at the same time....but congrats on the vaca. Where you gonna go?