Thursday, October 05, 2006

CSI: Mystery Solved

I finally figured it out - The reason that CSI is so unrealistic for me.

Not enough panties!

You think I should keep a running tally of the number of underwear I look at during my career? Maybe not. I'm not sure if that's even possible...

But, hey... CSI - take note. I mean, this is an excuse to have more underclothing on television. You should be all over this. Truly entertainment.

End Blog.

Edit to add: Whoa. CSI has hit a whole new level of insanity tonight. Completely ignoring the fact that they let their dead talk in this episode, they figured out what happened to SIX dead bodies in 42 minutes tonight. Six. Six cases. I guess they were making up for not solving the case last week.


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Anonymous said...

Crusty panties! Crusty panties! Crusty panties!! Yaaaaaaay!!!