Sunday, October 08, 2006

Studio 60

I'm doing this as a public service for EVERYONE. Read the next sentence carefully.

Watch Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on NBC Monday nights as 10/9C.

Unless you actually work in television, where you can sit around and point out how that's totally not how things happen, this is currently the best show of the new season. (You're right, I haven't watched any others.)

The writing is brilliant. Amanda Pete, Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford, Steven Weber… all doing an amazing job. But then again, it comes from the great Aaron Sorkin. We're already three episodes in. It took me some time to actually settle into watching TV because I don't know the schedule and I'm too lazy to set up my VCR, as I don't have a DVR on my cable box as I should. But, through the magic that is the internet, I'm all caught up.

This is something worth devoting your time to. It really is entertainment. Not only that, it's real. It refers to real people in entertainment who you know. It addresses the issue of politics and the polarization of America. It picks on religion. And it's even funny. Plus, much opportunity to have cool guest stars. It does everything you've always wanted from SNL.

(Tangent – I've been looking forward to (exec producer/writer) Tina Fey's new show, 30 Rock. It premieres this week, Wednesday, NBC, 8/7C. Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan are in it too, but Tina's my major drawing point. I used to watch SNL just for Weekend Update. I liked Mean Girls. Tina Fey... much is resting on your shoulders. Is it possible that NBC can have two shows about writers of Friday night variety shows? PS - Have you seen the commercial with Alec Baldwin about this? Cracks me up. Anyway, reining myself in...)

Plus, as all TV shows... Studio 60 has pretty people.

I doubt that you will be disappointed. I was overly pleased with all three episodes so far. And, they're even airing the last episode on in case you missed it.

Oh, and in case you actually do listen to me about this kind of stuff, you'll appreciate this - one of the guys from Weeds is also in this show. Fun times!

I'll leave you with this because I think it was probably a fun line to say:
"Thieves get rich and saints get shot and God don't answer prayers a lot." ~ Jack Rudolph (Steven Weber)

End Blog.

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