Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm Still Blonde

I drove my car to the automatic carwash today because it was dirty. I paid for it and pulled up to the garage stall thing. I was watching the green "pull forward" sign when...


Dude, they turned the sprayer for the water on waaaaaay before I was ready. My window was still down. I got kinda wet.

Along with the inside of my car and the interior of the windshield. Which I wiped off with the only thing I could find suitable within my car - a bank deposit envelope. So now my interior window is all streaky which poses a problem for night driving.

So now I have to remember to take things out to my car to clean my window.

Some days I just can't help being blonde. I think the first sign shouldn't be a green "pull forward" sign. It should be a red "roll up your window" sign. I know this has happened to more people than just me.

End Blog.

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