Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's Showtime

Erin Daniels lives on.

Sure, The L Word may have killed her off last season, but Showtime hasn't forgotten her completely. Imagine my surprise when Dana showed up as Rita's neighbor on Dexter last Sunday. I'm sure there's little hope of a reoccurring role. I just wanted to note her appearance and the excitement it brought seeing her again.

If you'd like a re-enactment, imagine me lying in bed watching this episode. Dexter knocks on a door, Erin Daniels opens it, I gasp, sit up, and scream very loudly, "Oh my God, it's DANA!!" I suppose it only matters if you've ever watched The L Word. Anyway… moving along…

If you're not watching this show, you should. Michael C Hall from Six Feet Under plays Dexter. He's a serial killer with a heart of gold. How weird and oddly satisfying it is to cheer for a murdering psychopath. Plus, he very much reminds me of Josh Duhamel, formerly of All My Children. You may know him from Win a Date with Chad Hamilton, or more notably from his role as Danny McCoy on Las Vegas. Although, he will always be Leo du Pres to me. Hall and Duhamel have many similarities. I don't care if you don't believe me. They could be brothers. In fact, I'm nearly certain they are.

Also something to talk about regarding this show - Dexter's girlfriend, Rita Bennett, is played by Julie Benz of Buffy/Angel fame. Not that she's so much "famous" from that, but remembering her as a vampire, who is now paired with Dexter, also brings joy. She, once obsessed with blood, hooked up to Dex, a forensic blood spatter pattern interpreter by day and killer by night… it's kinda poetic in a weird sort of TV history sense. Especially since Michael C Hall was also a funeral director (or something of the sort, I never really watched that show… yet) and as Darla, Benz played one of the undead. I mean, the delightfulness of this show astounds on so many levels.

And then there's Jennifer Carpenter, as Dexter's sister Debra - a police officer trying to impress her hardnosed boss and become a homicide detective. She loves her job. She loves her brother. And possibly, someday, down the road, the two shall meet in a very interesting sort of conflict of interests. Brilliant set up. Oh and also… she was Emily Rose. (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) Which, awesome acting, Jennifer. Really. This is kinda a step down for you. I hope they give you much more to work with soon.

And so… thank you Showtime. Not for booting Erin Daniels from her other series and angering people everywhere for forcing out the most relatable character on the show, but for at least throwing her a bone with your new series – and making it a good series at that. And though a few minor things about the forensic aspects of the show are somewhat bothersome, I will continue to watch. Because with the cast and writing set in place, I care more about the story you're telling than anything else. And when I don't get pissed off because someone's not wearing gloves or picking up guns with pencils or windows aren't breaking properly, you know I'm too involved with the rest of it to care. Which means it must be good.

Bravo. You're doing an excellent job so far.

Don't screw it up after episode 4.

End Blog.

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