Friday, September 29, 2006

Thieving Bastards

Okay, so I know you're not really going to believe this... but I was robbed today.

I came home from work and a pillow I hardly really use was sitting on my chair. My back door was unlocked (which, no way, I LOCKED it after the car incident!) and the screen to my bedroom window was out. That window was also unlocked. I'm missing a large jar that I threw all my silver coins into... and that's it. It used to sit right in front of that window. So, if you took the screen out and could open the window, you could grab it easily. But, my shades have always been drawn and you can't even see into my apartment from the outside.

I haven't discovered anything else missing, but that doesn't mean I'm not missing anything. I suppose I don't own anything truly valuable. And pretty much everything else looks like it hasn't been touched. Just the missing coins and that random pillow that was moved.

I don't care that I lost the money, but I want my freaking jar back! It's not even a jar. It's an old Snapple bottle of "Rain". Where I was saving my money for a raining day.

Not to worry, everything has been locked back up and the screen's been replaced. But... you know, this is how this shit starts. Petty thievery, peeping... rape and murder...

I can't believe nothing else is missing. But I know for sure it was taken. I mean, the screen was out.

I feel like I should have done something other than touch the screen to put it away. Like print the damn thing or something. I mean, jesus, I'm a freakin criminalist! I shouldn't stand for this. But I've already screwed up my crime scene. Because it was a jar of mostly nickle and dimes. There were a few quarters, but they were only ones I've collected since I've been here, as quarters were a commodity and used to go directly towards laundry.

I wonder how much it amounted to. Probably not even 30 bucks.

I should probably report this to someone though, no? It makes me a little uneasy. Especially since my door was previously unlocked for an unknown length of time. They probably come in my apartment and chill everyday.

You know, come to think of it, I did have to sign back into to my IM when I returned home today. Someone's taking advantage of my internet. Maybe they downloaded some free porn. Wouldn't that just be great?

I'm totally going to be a rape/homicide and my own department probably won't even be able to work it because they know me.

Excuse me while I go about booby-trapping my apartment...

End Blog.

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