Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Halloween

Whoever it was that invented carving pumpkins is super cool. This is the one I made this year. It took... forever. But it's super sweet and shall sit on the front porch of my house. I was recently informed that trick or treating will occur earlier than I anticipated, so I might have to buy some candy to hand out to kids before I go to Beth's annual Halloween party.

And then I'll have to hope Mr. Skullhead scares away anyone else while I am gone.

End Blog.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Veronica Hero

(Thar be spoilers to Heroes in this post.)

So, it looks like the writers for Heroes must have been huge Veronica Mars fans. Because, you see, they picked up the Veronica Mars character and transplanted her into their show. Except she now has a cool special power where she can shoot blue lightning bolts out of her hands... and might go around killing unsuspecting people.

But other than that one minor thing, she's totally the same character. I'm glad that Heroes can give me my Veronica Mars fix. That's so kind of them.

End Blog.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Still Mine!

"I love this thing."

"No, I mean, a lot. I might sleep here forever. I don't even need to get up to eat or anything. I'll just be here, on my couch. It is everything I'll ever need."


But I Still Need Curtains

One more room down. And I imagine it will take me a very long time to fix up the guest bedroom unless I have some really good motivation to do so.

Yay. I can sleep in my bed tonight.

End Blog.


"Thanks for this thing that's soft and lets me have a great view out of the front window. It's totally what this room needed. Oh... and it's mine now." ~Remy

End Blog.

Home Sweet Home

Here are some pictures of my new house with my things actually inside of it.

I've moved my computer to the living room because I have too much other furniture to have it fit nicely in either the guest room or my bedroom. Now, for the first time in a few years, I can watch TV and be on the internet at the same time! Not only that, but I have a remote set up that actually works my DVR, DVD, VCR, and TV all at the same time. The cable is set up any everything. I do need curtains or something though because my giant window produces a nice glare on my television.

Anyway, I'm planning on getting a couch from my boss who has one he's trying to get rid of, and I'm going to put it on the wall in front of the window, that's why nothing is there yet. I hope it fits in the space I have for it because I never measured it. Maybe someday I'll actually get slipcovers for them too so that they look alike.

So, the refrigerator that I bought kinda sticks out a little bit... Maybe that was something I didn't think necessary to measure. That's okay. I still like it. I mean... look at how wonderful it is! (and how little food I have to put in it.)

So, I took my first shower here today. Without checking what the hot water heater was set at. Let's just say I cranked that sucker up as soon as I got out of the shower and hope to never be a popsicle in there again.

And... well, there are the two rooms I haven't really touched. I slept on the couch last night because I didn't want to deal with my bed. Plus, I fell asleep at like 8:30 or something ridiculously early. But, I worked hard all day and I only have 5 hours of sleep the night before.

So, there you have it. The new house. Semi-unpacked and mostly livable. It's good to be home.

End Blog.

(If you click on these pictures, they somehow got linked to a picture that was not the same one... so... I don't know how that happened and I don't feel like trying to fix it. They might all be there... maybe. Look at them small. I have no answers for you!)

Friday, October 19, 2007

New Digs

I just signed about a million pieces of paperwork (where often times I forgot to put in my middle initial since I hardly use it and had to go back and fix it) and got keys to the house.

Rock on.

Now I shall pack up the kitchen boxes and the dog and go hang out in the house whilst unpacking and setting up the kitchen as I wait for ye old cable man to come hook my house up with that new fangled technology all the kids are talking about. Seriously, I didn't even know that houses without cable still existed. I can't believe I bought one.

Nikki, making life a better place, buying houses and installing cable into them one at a time...

I'm gonna go take my "BLACKWELL" welcome mat and place it on my front stoop. Welcome home to me and Remy.

End Blog.

It's Amazing What You Find on YouTube

YouTube took down the extended full version of Tina Fey's American Express commercial. Only the new, shorter, edited version is available anymore... which sucks. They cut out my favorite part: Octopus Time.

However, in my search to find the commercial again, I found this:

No, really. I love her. Beth, I believe she may be your new hero. This made my day.

End Blog.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I just bought this refrigerator. I'm picking it up on Saturday during moving day. Yaaaaaaaay!

All the appliances in my kitchen are now stainless steel. I also am non-discriminatory because I think I have like, every single major appliance brand now: KitchenAid, GE, Whirlpool, and Kenmore.

I close on the house in 14 hours! Hmmm... maybe I should pack the rest of my things. After I go to Beth's for dinner! mwahahahahaaaa

End Blog.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Can Hear the Bells

Darn it! I thought Veronica Mars... I mean, Kristen Bell... was gonna be on Heroes last night. It's not until next week. And I started watching the show this season because I knew she'd be on it. Now the question is... do I really need to watch the episode I missed last night if she's not in it?

I found a picture of her character. She looks...
...just like Veronica Mars! All she needs is a camera with a telephoto lens or a shoulder bag. Where ever the heck that photo was taken even looks Veronica Mars-y.

By the way, I've also seen the guy who plays Wallace (Percy Daggs III) on a Hot Pockets commercial and her Criminology teacher, Professor Landry (Patrick Fabian), was on Pushing Daisies last week. (Which, by the way, is a super good show and you should watch it. Apparently the guy that does the voice over work is the same dude who does the Harry Potter books on tape, although I don't know if that's truth or not.)

I can't wait until next week to see her back in action. I really miss Veronica Mars. The CW was stupid when they canceled it.

End Blog.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Queen of Cardboard

I've changed all my utilities over to the new house. And my address with the post office, bank, cell phone company, Discover, Blockbuster and Entertainment Weekly. It's highly likely that I'm missing someone, but I feel pretty accomplished. I've also rented a truck from U-Haul for moving day.


I still need to cancel my renter's insurance, but I'm waiting for stuff in the mail that I have to sign.

Mostly... things are looking quite boxy around here.

End Blog.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Good Year Blimp is Following Me

I've seen the Good Year Blimp repeatedly floating around Kansas City. It's creepy how it just kind of hangs there in the sky, and I am convinced that it is following me. And that it has stealth mode.

Today I managed to get a picture of it with my new handy-dandy cell phone. But since it's a cell camera, the picture quality isn't all that great, so I highlighted the portion of the picture that is the Good Year Blimp. (I had to drive around a lot to get to a place where I could actually take this picture.)

Now, I realize all of this sounds crazy, and the picture is grainy and could be anything. And if I was super awesome, I'd be trying to tell you all that it's a UFO and Aliens are after me... but they're not. The Good Year Blimp pilot is just stalking me.

I tried to go inside and grab my 8 mega pixel camera, but by then he was onto the fact that I'd spotted him and he musta... you know... high tailed it outta here with his super speedy blimpyness. Or turned on the stealth mode. Either way, I couldn't find it, even when I walked up on the highest hill around. (Which, wow, I need to exercise more. I was totally winded.)

How many Good Year Blimps do you think there are? What could he possible want from me? Or she. Maybe the blimp pilot is a girl. Whatever. They've been tooling around KC for at least three weeks. (No lie. They've been here since the end of September.)

And I have the best picture, ever, to prove it! I gotta tell ya, I love how it looks just like every UFO picture, ever. Maybe aliens stole the blimp.

End Blog.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Samsung SCH-u740

I just upgraded my phone with the new every two plan from Verizon. Yay!!! I was so sick of my old phone. I actually got one that has features this time... it's not just a cell phone anymore. And, I made another leap - from Nokia to LG to Samsung. This here phone to the right would be the one I got.

I've been yelled at for buying a "text messaging machine". I don't really care. I've been getting them more and more often, so I figured it was about time to make the leap and stop rejecting new technology. Although, since I have all them buttons, I'm not going to kill the English language by writing things like "C U @ 7 im so l8". Because that still bugs the heck out of me.

So, I have unlimited texting to other Verizon members - so ya'll can text me whenever the hell you want - and 500 texts outside of the "in" network. So, you may see my li'l IM name have a cell phone beside it one of these days. This still means that I'm not home, but should you need to get a hold of me for something... it might be an option worth considering.

Also, I now have a camera in my cell phone, a short length video camera, and MP3 storage capabilities. And navigation... although I think I have to subscribe to something specifically for that, so probably not really...

But, it's a step up. A gigantic step up for me, since my last phone was just a plain old phone.

Go technology. I've evolved slightly... but it's still no iPhone.

End Blog.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Home is Where Your Internet Bill is Addressed

My house appraised for what I bought it for! Yay.

There is still much packing to do before moving day, but I wanted to share good news because I don't do it often. Therefore, I won't go into the other headaches of buying a house from these people... but they are kinda annoying. Let's just say I'm not too concerned with people stealing stuff, and if I am, I actually tell the police about it.

The final walk through is on the evening of the 18th, closing is at 10am on the 19th, and the cable installation people will be out between 2 and 5pm on the 19th... (This is very reminiscent of the move to Kansas City from DC, as I'm sure Mom will remember this conversation we had over IM):

Nikki: I made an appt. for the cable/internet dude to come hook me up on the morning of the 27th.
Mom: Monday? or Tues? I don't have a calendar.
Nikki: Monday
Mom: LOL
Mom: You cannot go more than 3 days without internet?
Nikki: I can give it up anytime I want.

FYI, I moved in on the 26th of February and had to drive for three days to get here. This time, I'm moving into a house that will already be wired and hooked up. I could still quit if I wanted to.

I haven't switched any of the other utilities yet. I know where my priorities are.

End Blog.

Payoff and Ripoff: The Offs of Life

The million insurance quotes I got totally paid off. I know this because I talked to my mortgage broker and she was like, "I see that you don't have a deductible listed for wind and hail here on your insurance and seeing as how you'll be in Kansas, I really want you to make sure that you have coverage because this is different than tornadoes."

First off, I'm not living in Kansas, but she works in Kansas, so I'll forgive her. Secondly, I don't have a deductible listed because it's the same $1,000 as my normal deductible, which is why it wasn't listed. Thirdly, don't be hatin' on me just because you saw how fabulous my yearly rate was. I did my research, woman.

"Three hundred and ninety dollars... I mean, WOW."

Yeah. Maybe you should suggest that people get more than just three quotes.

Although, there is a down side. Because of all the phone calls required for the quotes and the fact that I only have a cell phone and all the calls were made during business hours to non-verizon cell phones or business phones... I went over my allotted 450 minutes a month for the first time, ever. By 83 minutes... at 45 cents a minute. So I might as well be paying $430 on my home insurance this year.

Bastards! The very sad part about it is when I renew my phone plan (which will be happening any day now as they called and told me I was eligible for my 2 year phone upgrade) they'll increase my minutes to 550 a month for the same price. So close...

So, in summation, my insurance is good and the rate rocks and cell phones are pretty dumb (but in the long run better than paying for a house line I'd never use).

Get Met. It Pays.

End Blog.