Monday, October 30, 2006

Away From Home

This is slightly overdue, but… I got to drive around an unmarked police car this past week. Crown Vic, police interceptor. The speedometer goes up to 140 mph. I'm not sure if the car actually goes that fast. I didn't try. It does, however, go 85 without much effort. Also, I'm really too short to drive that car. Okay, maybe not too short, but I'm so used to driving my SUV and being all up high and junk, that cars now suck.

Also, I've never driven a car with the shifter do-dad thing up on the steering column and not on the floor. It took some getting used to. And after a week of reaching to the wrong spot to put 'er in reverse, I've come home and am still reaching in the wrong spot. Weird that I was retrained in a week.

I missed Henry. He's a good car. The Crown Vic has nothing on him. Well, except for lights and sirens and probably speed. But there's something to be said for loving your own things.

Speaking of missing things… the hotel bed was horrible compared to the loveliness which I've become accustomed to sleeping on. I never thought that beds were that big of a deal. I can pretty much sleep anywhere. But, as it turns out… there is a difference. Recently, my sleep number has been hovering around 35.

The hotel mattress offered support, but in all the wrong places. My bed was likely one of my smarter purchases. My back hurt in Jefferson City for the very first time in months. So, yay bed. You're doing your job exceedingly well.

Again… so wonderful to want the things you already have. Although, it's quite possible that I love my things because they are mine. That's probably true. I don't like change, much. Nor surprises. Apparently I like more control than even I would tend to think.

Sidetracked much?

Anyway. Yay car. Yay bed. Yay me.

End Blog.


Anonymous said...

I find the visual of you peering over the steering wheel top of the police cruiser quite amusing. No, more like hilarious. Did you eavesdrop on the police radio?? And did you turn the siren on, just for a second? If not, I'll bet you wanted to.

Nikki said...

I did eavesdrop on the police radio until we got out of range. Nothing cool was happening at the time. And no, I didn't play the with siren, though I wanted to. We tried to turn the lights on though, but apparently that requires some sort of special training because my co-worker and I couldn't figure it out. Unless that feature was disabled on our car or the sirens had to be on at the same time. Although, that theory doesn't really make sense. Police cars are fun though. I drove one around again today. Except it was a really old Crown Vic, the size of a tank. And when I passed the motorcycle cop on the road, he waved to me. Police are so friendly to each other.