Sunday, April 02, 2006

What The Hell?

Lebanon Valley College is tiny and in the middle of nowhere. I’m nearly positive, besides paying the professors, the only things they spend money on are building new dorms, renovating the old buildings, building completely useless bridges, tearing down trees, and landscaping. It’s a very beautiful place but I know they have tons of extra money that they are hoarding. They don’t like to throw it away on student affairs, but I have no idea what they're planning on using it for.

Even though there’s nothing to do.

LVCers have always just figured out how to entertain themselves. This involved a lot of time at Wal-Mart since it was the only place open 24 hours, driving to Harrisburg for actual entertainment, or drinking alcohol – which all college students universally enjoy.

The biggest thing to ever hit the school was the once a year party weekend we liked to call “Spring Arts”. I’m still not sure where the art part came in. I guess it was because we’d have live local bands come play for us and music is art.

Throughout college, it was the most awesome weekend every year. And we enjoyed our little college party, even if they tried to change the name and the image our senior year to “The Cherry Blossom Festival”. (The trees that were torn out were all replaced with one million ornamental cherry trees.)

Well, they’ve gone and changed the name again since hiring a new president. This time it’s being called “Valleyfest”. I approve of this change, as the weekend always was a big party. But… here’s the big news:

We only ever had local bands or cover bands because the school doesn’t spend money on such trivial things. Or they don’t fundraise enough for this major event – whatever the case may be. And while we complained a bit knowing that other colleges had big name headliners, we understood that we were a small school and things like that just didn’t happen in the middle of nowhere central Pennsylvania.

That being said… are you ready for this?

The fucking Gin Blossoms are going to play at Valleyfest.

Well, Hey Jealousy!

My world has just imploded. I no longer understand who I am or where I came from. My school? No way. They’re also having The Starting Line perform the night before. They sing The Best of Me. I love that song. You should download it.

Oh, and to the town of Annville: You can kiss LVC's collective ass and shove your noise ordinances where the sun don’t shine. You've been a college town since 1866. Probably the year most of you were born.

LVC just keeps getting better without me. Better Spring Arts, renovated Garber Science Center, new psychology department.

I still do not believe this. Insane. The love for my undergrad continues to grow beyond all plausibility.

End Blog.

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