Friday, April 28, 2006

LVC Moved My Greenhouses

Okay, they weren't mine. But I spent a summer watering those damn things and they just went and moved them across the street without asking me. I suppose you no longer need a key to Garber to water them. What a bummer. It was cool to have a key to the science building for a few months.

Man, did you read these last two posts? I'm such a freakin' nerd.

I even had a conversation today about which would get you less wet: running or walking through the ran. At least I wasn't the one who had read a scientific study about it. You know what they found? They're equal. Although... the conversation afterwards on how they managed to measure it and the actual set up was much more nerdy. And what about factors like how hard the rain falls? Is there an optimum speed for you to move? Do they take into account water splashing up from running?

It all depends on distance, speed of movement, rate of rainfall, and time. I mean, running should cause you to intersect more raindrops per second than walking, but will take less time to cover a certain distance. So, less raindrops per second but more time in the rain, or more raindrops per second and less time in the rain? I still think that there are too many variables to definitively determine the answer to this question. This was the consensus all around.

But at least everyone else I work with is just as nerdy as I am. It's nice to fit into a group. I'm way more appreciated now than I ever was at Target. No one there seemed to care about science. Or, for that matter... logic.

End Blog.

(I looked this up online since I'm a such a good nerd. If it's a light rain, you're only going to be 10-16% drier if you run rather than walk. However, in heavy rain, you'll stay somewhere between 30-50% drier if you run. So, the greatest benefit occurs when you are running in heavy windy and rainy conditions. Which makes sense because you're more likely to run then anyway. I think humans knew this innately. I only run in heavy rain... when someone's chasing me. End Blog II.)

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