Thursday, April 27, 2006

Today's Annoyances

I wrote a blog and stupid Microsoft Word shut down on me. I lost it. Auto recover recovered something else I had opened, but not my blog entry. And it was a lovely one, too. It was about how I rocked at work and totally impressed my boss. It even had a part in there about how I still had my fingers and the frostbite didn't take them. Alas, you'll never know the details because I don't feel like writing all of it again. Instead, I will complain. I know, I can hear you all screaming, "YAY!!" right this very minute.

Stupid Word. It pisses me off like that regularly.

Meanwhile, in the world of online rentals… Blockbuster screwed up. I decided that I wanted to see the old 70s series, Wonder Woman, with Lynda Carter and I rented season one. Unfortunately, they sent disc two before disc one. I'm saddened, but figure that it's okay… and I'm just going to watch them out of order because I've been looking forward to it. I open the disc to find that the sleeve is labeled disc two, but disc three is actually inside. Way to go quality control!

I sigh. Fine. No big deal, I'm already watching them out of order.

So, I put it in and begin watching a fantastic adventure where Captain What's-His-Face and Diana are on their way to Argentina to recover some awesome formula from a scientist before the Nazi's get it. (She's fluent in Spanish and is going as a translator although everyone speaks English like, the entire time.) Before I hit the 40 minute mark of the episode, the disc craps out. I can't watch a scene without it stuttering and I can't just skip over the bad parts. It completely won't play and I can't even clean it off.

"That operation is currently prohibited." Annoying.


All I wanted was a little seventies cheesy super hero action. Is that too much to ask for? It seems so.

Harrrumph. *pouts and crosses arms*

So, I decide that I'll watch the other movie I have rented. Seven. Because I haven't seen it forever and I have a newfound respect for detective/crime movies. Plus, I really wanted to see the scene where they bust into that apartment and see all the car air fresheners hanging from the ceiling. You know, the ones shaped like trees. Yeah, apparently there was a crime scene like that in Kansas City a while back. People at work were telling me about it last Friday. Car air fresheners and Fabreeze don't really cover up the smell of rotting people, by the way.

Anyway… that movie didn't disappoint. But, there was a scene that irked me. Brad Pitt buttons his shirt from the bottom button up. Do lots of people do that? I start at the top and go down. It bothered me.

Which way do you button your shirt? And c'mon Brad… learn to tie a freakin' tie already. Be a man. Even I know how to do that.

You know what? Maybe it's just Brad Pitt. Man, that guy totally irks me. Oh, and why would you leave Jennifer Aniston anyway? For Angelina? Sure, she's hot and has a crazy sexy vibe, but long term? Jenny's the way to go.

One thing I know for sure - Brad Pitt is no Jake Gyllenhaal. For sure. And Jake… I'd prefer it if you not button your shirt at all. Thanks.

End Blog.

(Seriously, how does Jake keep slipping in here? And how many more times can I mention him before you stop reading?)


2 Dollar Productions said...

It's perfectly reasonable to button your shirt Pitt's way, and as for Jake he was good in "Brokeback Mountain." Some might say too good.

Nikki said...

It might be a "reasonable" way to button one's shirt. It is just not "my way". And therefore, irks me. Plus, Brad Pitt did it. That should be enough of an arguement right there.

Lil'motherf*cker said...

It had been noted to me by... someone yes, that's the name I'm going to use. That males often button bottom up and girls top down. Quick do a scientific study.