Monday, April 03, 2006

This Boggles the Mind

Study Fails to Show Healing Power of Prayer

While I don't disagree with the results, I hate how the study was performed. Didn't these people ever have a science class, like... ever? There are so many variables and confounding factors present in the study I don't even know how it was published or any conclusions were drawn.

And if the subjects believed in spritual healing, there's no way they weren't praying for themselves. So, why not just say there's over a 50 percent chance that you'll have post-surgical complications, no matter what you do?

This leads to few plausible conclusions, but here's what I'm going to go with since they got to draw conclusions from their stupid study I'm going to as well:
1. The reason you're in the hospital is most likely because it's your turn to die.
2. There isn't a God listening to anyone's prayers, should they be yours, those of your close friends or family, or perfect strangers praying on your behalf in the religious community.

You know who this is the worst news for? Not those who just went through surgery. It's the people who are leaders in the religious community. They were just told they were maybe only 50 percent effective. But then again... so were the doctors.

Guess it just goes to show that it doesn't matter how you try to fight for someone's life.

Oh, Man. Did I just make a case for fate? Crap.

End Blog.

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