Saturday, April 15, 2006

Finding Trouble

I went out and shot some pool tonight, in addition to standing around and watching other people shoot pool… which, worked as I’d hoped and I was invited to play with some other people. I met a seemingly nice guy, his best friend, and his sister and played a few games with the three of them.

But, he’s not what I’m looking for. And he made a comment about wanting to move to San Francisco some day, but not caring for the large gay population in the area. He also dissed Janis Joplin. The only comment he apologized for was the one about Janis Joplin. You know, the one I didn’t care about.

There’s definitely a difference between here and DC. I suppose that’s the one thing that I liked about the place. It was filled with all of the misfits and outcasts who couldn’t stand the intolerant people populating the land, so they aggregated and made a crazy city and hiked up real estate prices so only the people who really truly wanted to be there would find a way to stay.

I’m hopeful I’ll find my out-pocketing of misfits here. Maybe on an island. With toys. And a dentist elf.

End Blog.

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