Wednesday, August 30, 2006


So, I rented season one and watched it. It was enjoyable and I figured it was something I'd continue to watch on a "this show is pretty cool" basis. That is, until the final episode of season one.

It had a wonderful holy-shit! cliffhanger ending. I gasped in shock.

Then, I immediately downloaded what's been aired of season two. So far the second season's better than the first.

This is great TV. You should watch it. Congratulations, Showtime. You've got a winner on your hands and a big fan in me. I'm enjoying the crazy things you keep throwing at this woman.

I also like how random Andy gets when he's high – "I'm so glad our last name isn't Drew. Because then you'd be Nancy Drew and I'd be Andrew Drew." (Makes me laugh. But trust me, not the greatest dialogue to use as an example.)

Kevin Nealon and Elizabeth Perkins are great in this. And so is Mary-Louise Parker. I'd say more wonderful things, but I don't want to spoil anything else in case you decide to watch. (Which you should.)

Oh, also, the music is brilliant. I want to hug whoever is doing the music. (Not like that other Showtime show.)

Sadly, I've seen all there is to see right now and I have to wait for more episodes to air – or be leaked to the internet. Marathons of shows are so evil. Serial dramas like this should air daily. I got too invested too quickly and now I might be going through withdrawal.

TV: My Anti-drug.

End Blog.

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