Monday, August 14, 2006

Biggest Geek, Ever

I totally brought home two Science and a Discover magazine from work today. I never have time to read them there. And there's a whole thing about NASA going to the moon, and an article about stem cell therapy, and a whole 5 pages about cilia! Also, I've learned that the US is designing nuclear warheads again because there's fear that our current stockpile of 10,000 might be reaching their "expiration date". Uh huh... I believe that.

Oh, and! Wow, like, check it out. I'm not even sure what to say about it, other than if the government used this technology people would be up in arms about Big Brother watching. Internet stalking has reached an all new level. Except, these people are willingly volunteering their information onto the internet, almost a form of exhibitionism. People enthusiastically participating in "Big Brotherism" for entertainment. But no... Bush isn't allowed to wiretap and screen for terrorism... that's an invasion of our privacy. I love the apparent paradox. This sight is really quite amazing - and also not fully functional - yet. But I can bet it's going to be very big.

But... yeah, anyway... I'm a big geek. I'd also like to point out that the only forensic related item in any of these publications was an ad for CSI: Miami. Isn't that completely insane? The only other ads were for the United States Mint, Oreck vacuums, some motivational speaker dude, a new scientific breakthrough in weight loss (completely the wrong audience, I think), an investing firm, and videos that claim you can have better sex for a lifetime. The TV ad seemed so out of place.

Anyway, I got off track here...

None of this reading will further educate me for my job. This is why I brought them home to read them - since I couldn't justify doing it at work. But the fact that I really really want to read them while I'm not getting paid for it... that's the part that makes me a super geek.

But, hey... if you ever want to have a conversation about cilia... I'm your girl.

End Blog.

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