Friday, August 04, 2006

Things I've Been Meaning to Blog About

Again, in summarized list form because, once again, I am lazy.

1. I know you're wondering, and have been for a long time, why I never commented on the Dr Pepper logo change. Well, here you go: Because I really love it. It's classy, it's advertising its 23 flavors, and it's got a spiffy "Est. 1885". And it's still the right color and stuff. So, in summary, that maroon/red is probably my favorite color, I like that they're the oldest soda company in America and finally making it known, and no, prune is NOT one of the 23 flavors. Glad that's all out of the way.

2. I have currently made more money in the past 5 months than I made in all of last year. I know because I did my taxes last year and couldn't believe that I was still alive making so little. I've also built my savings back up to where it used to be. This also means that since I have more money, I'm spending more money. I don't see this as a bad thing though. I'm not living like a pauper anymore. I bought new clothes. I eat out often and I've seen every movie I wanted to in the theaters. Man, I missed that so much. Movies rock.

3. I mentioned weighing 116 in the previous blog. The Big Mac and the random cakes that have been brought into work the past two days have not helped. Even at night (when I traditionally weigh more) with all my clothes and shoes on, I weigh 119. I don't know how this happened. I don't work out. I've kinda had the urge to look in on my fitness room at the apartment complex, but I haven't actually done it. (Remember, lazy.) I think the problem lies in the temperature outside. When it's super hot out I don't really have interest in eating. Does that happen to anyone else? I know I'm not eating right – or enough – or something. I just have no desire to fix the situation. Someone come force feed me if you someday read on here that I only weigh 105. Because then I'm probably in trouble. Though, I'm not fretting yet at 116. All my clothes still fit the same.

4. Ah, this one's big. This happened while I was in Chicago and never got to fully rant about this topic. So, let's dive in. I hate the president. He vetoed stem cell research because it's immoral. That man makes me so angry.

Firstly, I don't really like that we're using the term "embryonic stem cell research". Whatever you may think, what they are using for this research is a blastocyst. It's a hollow ball of about 150 undifferentiated cells – which is the whole point of the damn research. There is no brain or heart or spleen or, well, anything yet. It's a bunch of fricken cells that are no more than 4-5 days old. Embryos and fetuses have fundamental tissues and organs. We are NOT killing babies – but by NOT doing this research, we are killing people.

Scientists can get these cells to proliferate for a year or more in the laboratory without differentiating. Refresh my memory, Mr. Bush… how long does it take to make a baby? This research is not hurting human life – it's helping it. The person who is being irresponsibly immoral here is you. That's right. You. Not the scientists. Because you're preventing those with life threatening illnesses from getting a treatment that could save them pain, suffering, and even death.

You have ignored 72% of the American people, bi-partisan majorities in both houses of Congress and our nation's leading scientists. You have dashed the hope of millions of Americans suffering from Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, cancer and diabetes.

Get this: In a recent study, scientists directed mouse embryonic stem cells to differentiate into specific neurons by introducing a particular gene. When transplanted into the brains of a rat model of Parkinson's, these stem cell-derived neurons reinnervated the brains of the rat Parkinson model, released dopamine in the brain, and improved overall motor function.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why we haven't cured this disease. So, thank you Mr. President. For everything.

It kinda makes me think that all the Secret Service folks on Bush's detail really ought to ALL go for Starbucks at the EXACT same time every single day so some hero with a rifle can load up and take potshots. Not that I want Cheney taking over the reigns. How many more years of this do we have?

The next candidate for president should run on a platform supporting this research. They should get 72% of the vote. It all makes me very angry.

I get the value of life, really, I do. My problem is that I value those who have been living in the world more than a few cells that could maybe someday become a person. The whole situation really makes me want to donate my eggs to some stem cell research company. Lord knows I don't want kids of my own.

5. I'm calming down. That went on entirely longer than I intended. Next topic: Middle America. What does that term really mean? And I'm not talking about geographically speaking – not El Salvador and Guatemala and stuff, and not even the Midwest of the US… but, like… when people in politics refer to Middle America, what does that mean? People who are neither right nor left in the political climate? To me the term has a bad connotation and I don't even know why I have this weird prejudice if I don't really know what it means. I feel like I associate Middle America with those in the Bible Belt. Which would explain my feelings towards them, I suppose. But like, someone should correct me on this. Middle America = Bible Thumpers. (I admit I'm quite ignorant sometimes.)

6. I can no longer remember anything else I was going to talk about. So, I think I'll go watch my new Blockbuster DVD - Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic. Maybe, if you're lucky, I'll let you know how it was, but my guess is most likely Magical!

End Blog.


Big Sis said...

just saw silverman's show. well part of it. started funny, proceeded into even too offensive for me, then I fell asleep. what did you think?

Nikki said...

It wasn't as funny as I expected, but I wasn't completely offended by it. That's her thing, ya know? Of course, I also saw her on The Aristocrats and thought hers was the most highly original and yet completely offensive take on that joke. But, yeah, I'd rather watch Margaret Cho or Ellen DeGeneres or Kathy Griffin.