Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Flies! The Flies!

One of my coworkers had been on vacation all last week and had evidence sitting at her bench the entire time she was gone. She claimed that she had gotten everything into the freezer that need to be there... but today when she opened up one of her bags, like 25 flies all escaped and are currently flying around the trace lab.

So, obviously everything that needed to be in the freezer didn't make it there and the little maggots inside grew up and took to the skies when finally freed of their paper bag prison. So, flies are buzzing around us now as we work. I'm less annoyed than others and find it rather humorous.

But, again... not something you'll ever see on CSI. I really have no idea why they haven't contacted me about writing an episode yet. (Other than the fact that I'd turn it into an office comedy.)

I mean, c'mon, think about it. It would be great. Greg would superglue himself to something and Grissom would look at him disapprovingly. Then Sarah would open an evidence bag and a whole bunch of flies would escape into the lab and Grissom would look at her disapprovingly. Then she'd totally blame it on Nick and he'd swear it wasn't his fault. Later we'd see Katherine through the glass with a flyswatter as Grissom watches her disapprovingly. (It'll be great silent, physical comedy. Marg could pull it off.) I haven't worked out all the bits yet, but, I'm telling you... it'd be the best episode, ever. The funny X-Files were always the best, too.

Hey, speaking of the X-Files, two of our automated systems in DNA are named Scully and Mulder. The other two are named Watson and Crick. And they are actually referred to by these names. So... see! It's not weird that I've named my computer Fred and my car Henry.

More work related news:

I have to be there at 0700 tomorrow for lab-wide training on ferrotrace. (It detects iron on hands and gloves so you can see if someone was holding a metal object. They used it in Vietnam to see if people were previously holding grenades to determine if they were friendly or not.) Boo. Double boo. That means I have to wake up an hour earlier than normal! Me loves my sleepy.

This is what I look like when I'm not pleased. (You know, if you could see me.)

Huh, this turned out way more random and incoherent than planned. Oh well. Deal.

End Blog.

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