Thursday, August 10, 2006

Random Quiziness

Which Of The Seven Deadly Sins Are You?

You are the third deadly sin: Lust. Lust is said to be a sin of the flesh, craving touch. This "sin of the flesh" is said to lead to "uncleanliness". Also associated with fury and lechery.
Your Animal: The Goat.
Your opposite: Chastity.
Your element: Fire.

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This picture totally reminds me of the book Red Dragon.

Soooo... the quiz came up with lust. Interesting, no? I mean, okay, I knew it wouldn't be gluttony... but, c'mon, if I'm any deadly sin, wouldn't you think I'd be sloth? (Not that the questions have ANYTHING to do with the actual outcome of this quiz. But, you see, this is me being boring, and sitting in front of my computer because I'm too lazy to move and do something interesting.)

Plus, like, my mom reads this. So, I've never lusted after anyone. Ever. *Waves to Mom* Hi!

End Blog.

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Quila said...

Bwah! You crack me up! I really think it's about time you got down to some serious lusting, not that I'm expecting grandkids, but a son-in-law would be Ok. Enough with the sloth. *looks for the link to e-harmony*