Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Waiting by the Phone

I'm currently back near the top of the list for getting called out on crime scenes. I would have gone to a double homicide shooting in Liberty last night if they could have found a primary able to go on the call. But, no. Alas, they were all busy or unreachable, so our CSTs took the case instead. Bummer.

In addition to this, there's been a serial murderer out in Cass County. You may have heard about the case, as it made national news over the weekend. Our people were there. One of the new DNA hires that went through crime scene school with me got to go out on scene. She worked 23 hours over the weekend – but not outside digging up remains. Our people were working the basement indoors so I haven't seen any of them in the press. But, you can see the news story here. I think all the people outside are highway patrol. (I hear they stole some of our equipment, too. Okay, maybe "borrowed" is a better term.)

I'm really rather jealous. I would have loved to be out on this scene. And the upsetting part was she came to work Monday complaining about how she got little sleep. "Trust me, you're lucky you didn't have to go." Whatever! I would have been thrilled and psyched to be at work on the weekend. I'm sure she doesn't understand how much I love my job. Even in the down time they had when they were waiting around for the other agencies and eating doughnuts (they actually did that), I would have been happy as a clam. (Oh, and I think that's a perfectly acceptable breakfast, by the way. Why are so many people concerned with health food? We're all dying of cancer eventually anyway. Eat what you like.) Not to mention all the comp time she just got. Hello, you have vacation days now. There's nothing to be complaining about in this situation. Not even a little.

Man, I'm so close to working something huge! But you know when I finally do get called out, it'll be to something rather boring and probably in the middle of the day like last time.

I mean, not that I want there to be more serial killers and murders shooting people just so I get to work an interesting case. I'm just saying… it's about time for me to see something spectacular. I'm ready.

Put me in, Coach.

End Blog.

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