Friday, September 01, 2006

Something I Could Live Without

As I sat down in the bathroom, I noticed a bug of some sort crawling along my pajama pants. I jumped, brushed it away, and grabbed some toilet paper to smoosh it into the floor and kill it - but good. And when I reached for said toliet paper, I found a giant spider sitting on the side of the bathroom counter sink, inches away from me and my toilet paper.

All the while I'm sitting there on my toilet, in the midst of peeing. Which, I found, is something that doesn't stop when you're surrounded by insects and totally freaked out.

This is not my idea of a good way to head to bed.

Now my heart's all fast and quick from the jumpiness. You can't sleep like that.

There's just something about things that creep you out while you're vulnerable like that... I mean, it was a hard choice. Finish peeing or get the hell away from it? Then regaining muscle control to actually perform one of those tasks.

I know it sounds like I'm living in a shit hole. That's not the case. There are just... bugs here. And even the idea of a roommate who will kill them for me wouldn't have worked in this situation. Because how many times can you actually get your roommate to pee with you?


On the bright side, this is the first spider I've seen since I talked to the apartment management. But, also the first other weird random bug...

(I never thought I'd post a blog about peeing. Or one that had the word 'toilet' in it so many times. What is my life coming to?)

End Blog.

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