Wednesday, September 06, 2006

No! I Tried To Move Away From You!

Blech. I just found out Bush will be in Kansas City on Friday.

Something about raising money for Senator Jim Talent’s re-election. Booooooo. Can't they do this in the capital or something? Hang out in Jeff City for a bit? No, too small? How about STL?

Sigh. Well, if I can't stop it, then I shall take this opportunity to say: Vote for Democratic challenger Claire McCaskill! I base this solely on her supportive position for stem cell research. Yes, I'm uninformed about all the other issues, and I can vote. I'm an American, damnit!

Oh, and this is the only time you'll ever see me post something with "Bush" and "talent" together.

End Blog.

AH! Edited to add:
On Saturday former President Bill Clinton travels to St. Louis to speak at a fundraising brunch for Claire McCaskill. So, are you telling me I finally made it to MO and moved to the red city instead of the blue one?



Lil'motherf*cker said...

And you are pretending you're surprised by this? I'm pretty sure we have talked politics before. Esp, about Missouri... and very esp. when I was at the hotel.

Nikki said...

But you were in Columbia. I like to pretend that cities are always largely democratic.

But, no... I'm not really surprised. Mostly I wrote this for the title. It has been kind of nice living more than 4 miles from the President and not seeing him on the news every single day.

Besides, those conversations feel like a lifetime ago, don't they? Get some free time, Lady. We haven't talked in forever.

Bethy said...

Claire is great! Vote for her, she should be the govenor of this state right now instead of that baby faced, poop in his pants, idjit we've got now.

But I'm not bitter or anything...