Saturday, September 16, 2006


I went to the air show today. Wanna see what I brought home with me?


Ignoring the mess in the background and the happy expression on my face... please note how amazingly red I am. This is not a photoshop trick. I am actually THAT color.

I have a line from my watch that's just as pretty as the ones you see here.

Damn you stupid ball of fire in the sky! Leave my flesh alone!

I'm just thrilled that I had the insight to wear jeans and spared my legs from this pain. The weather people LIED TO ME. It was supposed to be "in the low 80s, overcast, with chance of showers". What was the weather today? NOTHING LIKE THAT! It was 92 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, kinda windy.

So, also my lips are chapped. Or burned. Or... well, they hurt too.

And because of the wind, there were no paratrooper people jumping out of planes. The thing that I wanted to see the most, the Golden Knights, didn't perform. Boo.

I guess the Blue Angels were cool too. But, I'm not sure it was worth being this color.

Someone needs to be a responsible adult and give me sunscreen next time they take me outside. I can't be trusted.

Probably the next time I go outside I'll just spontaneously burst into flames.

Forecast for tomorrow? 72 degrees, scattered showers.

Dear people going to the air show: Take lots of water and sunscreen with you. The weather people have no idea what they're talking about.

(For shits and giggles, scroll down to the photo from the Ren Fest (now that was a beautiful day) and look at what a white girl I am. 20 minutes in the sun and I was totally fucked. Totally.)

I'm ready for fall.

End Blog.

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Erin said...

Other then the fact that you are, indeed, hilarious, I miss that mess in your apartment. We're going to have to come visit soon. I came home from work today all sad and hating my job - went to bed, almost slept until tomorrow morning...Good thing Sarah got hungry...