Thursday, September 28, 2006

We're Fricken Geniuses! Wait... Geni?

I just got home from Trivia Night up at O'Dowd's in Zona Rosa. The people I associate with are geniuses. No lie. I can't tell you how much I like smart people and how they are in such short supply.

Apparently as a whole we really know a ton of random movie, music, and television facts. Even the most obscure things. I mean, can you name the theme to Air Wolf in one note? Do you even know that Air Wolf was a television show? What about the first names of both Brooks and Dunn? Or the movie that featured the song Relax? How about the TV show featuring a guy named Hyden Fox? Yeah, we were the only people in the bar that nailed that one down. Alone, I would have never been able to dominate this game, but the team... let's just say five heads are better than one.

This is the second time we've stumbled upon a trivia night and kicked everyone's asses – we won by 155 points. So, I now have a pretty sweet looking Warsteiner mug and the joy of hearing the announcer say that our team won. Which was really the whole point of trying to win anyway. We weren't in it for the prizes.

Team name? Mike Hawk's Great Adventure.

Say it out loud, you'll get it. It's the only reason we wanted to win.

End Blog.

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