Monday, September 25, 2006

You're A Cop, I'm a Cop?


So, I got pulled over today for speeding. I was in a 35 mph zone, headed down the road to a 45 mph zone. I could SEE the 45 mph sign. Which, of course, means I was doing 50. The cop clocked me at 50, in a 35, and pulled me over.

Gave me a verbal warning.

Asked me to slow down.

Absolutely. Thank you, Officer.

I have no idea if he saw the police badge hanging around my neck or not. Maybe it would have been the same warning for any Joe Shmoe on the road this afternoon. In fact, that very well may be the case – because I caught him pulling someone else over in my rear view mirror just as I was getting back into traffic.

Everyone speeds right there.

You can SEE the 45 mph sign taunting you in the distance. Beckoning your foot toward the floorboards. So, really, it's not our fault… much.

End Blog.

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QQSuited said...

Always, always always have your badge handy if you get pulled over. Put your badge in a badge case and put your license in the case, then, when you're pulled over and the cop asks for your ID, you pull it out of hte badge case... Instant "Get out of Jail" free card... Trust me on this.