Monday, September 18, 2006


Today at work everyone I saw had a comment for me… from "Man, you look really red," to "What the hell did you do to yourself?" to "What were YOU doing this weekend?" One person even said they were having a hard time looking at me because I looked like I was in so much pain.

I've pretty much gotten used to the fact that I'm dumb. The sunburn wasn't really bothering me so much today. I knew I had small blisters on my face, but I also knew you couldn't really see them from a distance. So, I was trying to convince myself that it didn't look that bad.

Turns out… not so much. My whole face is actually swollen. I kinda noticed it in my forehead, that it was sticking out slightly further than usual. But, really, how many people would know my face better than I do? I didn't think people would notice much.

Until I looked in the mirror when I got home. Turns out it was more swollen than I thought. Swollen so far in fact, that my forehead is encroaching upon my eye sockets.

(My eyes look really brown here. Odd.)

That's totally not normal!! Plus, it kinda makes me look really confused.

Not really sure what the hell I'm talking about?

I think this is what I would have looked like 30,000 years ago. You put some flint tools in my hand and have me do some cave drawings, and I'd blend right in.

I could be the most brilliant of all the Cro-Magnons. Because lord knows I'm quickly dropping in the ratings of the Homo sapiens. And I do mean daily.

End Blog.


Lil'motherf*cker said...

This did make me snort. And we will both pretend that it is not the timestamped time and that I have completed all set homework.

Nikki said...

I told you if nothing else I was entertaining myself here.

And dear Lord, I really hope that you finished your paper. I still can't believe you're worse at procrastination than I am.