Wednesday, September 06, 2006


For some unknown reason there was a photographer from the Kansas City Star at the Lee's Summit Hospital this evening while I was taking my first aid training class. He took my picture as Kelly wrapped my "wound" with a pressure bandage. I signed something saying they could use my likeness. I gave them my social security number.

And I have no idea why.

So... I might be in the paper. For some reason.

I don't get the paper so I'll probably never know if I make an appearance there. But... odd, no?

The good news is I'm now certified to administer first aid for the next three years. Although, first aid is not CPR. That's a whole different class. And, as it turns out, you don't even have to do the breathing part anymore so I'm sure that class is rather boring.

Anyway - if you get the paper, keep a lookout for my mug. I'll be the one on the left all bandaged up and probably laughing.

End Blog.

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