Friday, September 01, 2006

Alumni News

So, they've finally started construction on my old undergrad science building, well loved Garber. Ah, the mornings I would roll out of bed and walk across the street to class… and right up this sidewalk.

What sidewalk? Yes. Exactly. There used to be one there. In fact, see this here area that's all torn to pieces? I once had to pretend to be a squirrel here for a demonstration on competition in my Animal Behavior class. We were searching for peanuts. I loved Dr. Goodman so much.

Speaking of Animal Behavior... that was held in room 224. Ah, beloved 224. The hottest room in Garber, and the most hidden, tiny, cozy place to have class. Poor 224. Of course, Senior Seminar was here too, so I don't feel so bad about them ripping the place down.

And then there is 204 - the classroom that I think I had every single psych class in.

Look at what's happened! It kinda makes me sick. I loved this place and it's dingy-dirty-horribly lit corridors.

Oh, and they are making a huge change that I can't agree with. They're putting windows into the science building! Since when have scientists ever needed sunlight?

Oh, the many days I walked into lab while the sun was out and been completely shocked stepping out of the building into the darkness of night. One good thing about not having windows? No distractions. Don't give college students windows. They'll look out of them! Especially if it's a nice day. It's a mistake, people. I don't know why you don't listen to me.

Windows! In physics class? This should never be. Wrong wrong wrong. Bad planing. You'll rue the day, LVC!

Oh, my poor, poor building. I know it's for the best, but I hate seeing it like this. And even though it's being renamed with the weird hyphenate-Garber, I'll still only ever call it Garber.

It's sad to know that the psychology department has long since moved from the building. I spent many a happy classroom experience in psych. I wonder what's been going on in this room without them this whole time...

(I'm pretty sure this is still 204, but they kinda all look similar now that they're trashed.) I can almost see Manza standing in here teaching over the rubble.

Really makes me wonder where the heck classes and labs are being held right now though. I mean, we don't have any other suitable place for any of the labs. I suppose you could teach the big o-chem and genetics classes in Chapel, and the smaller lectures anywhere else... but where are they holding labs? WHERE!?

'Cause it's not here.

How crazy is my love for LVC now that I'm gone? I just found out we're ranked in the top 2% in alumni giving in US News. I'm sure they must somehow brainwash us all at graduation with this overwhelming sense of goodness that came from the place, because I didn't love it this much while I was there.

We did surely get a quality education though.

They hired a new visiting assitant professor in the psych department. I don't care what she's teaching, if I were there I'd take her class. She's British. How much fun would an accent be! Well, I mean one that wasn't Cullari's. It took me a little while to figure out what the heck he was saying... though I did finally figure it out. Though, it wasn't so much his accent as his tendency to mumble, I suppose.

Oh, man... it's still plaguing me.

Where are labs being held? Why don't I still know anyone at LVC so I can ask them?

Oh... right... because I graduated from there in 2003 and any freshmen I knew from that time period just graduated last year! I'm getting so old.

Oh, hey, the colloquium this year is "Democracy and its Discontents". I'd so love to go to anything they're putting on. Sadly, as a freshmen, I bet I would have cared less. In fact, I know I would have. Because my colloquium was about gender issues, if I remember correctly, and I only attended the mandatory three that were required of me. And now, I'd really love to go to them. I really didn't take advantage of college. There's so much learning you can do there! Who knew?

Oh, oh... I feel that I'm about to burst into the alma mater!

To Thee dear Alma Mater, this ringing song we raise
A song that's fraught with gladness, a song that's filled with praise
We cannot help but love Thee, our hearts are full and free
Full well we know the debt we owe, to dear old LVC!

Mostly people only sang the last line.

Sigh. Maybe I should pay my student loan bill.

End Blog.

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