Monday, September 25, 2006

Playing Catch Up

I've been "busy" recently and haven't posted anything for your reading pleasure. I know. Here are a few highlights that should have warranted a blurb (in list form, your favorite!):

1. My skin is totally peeling all over the place. I quarantined myself from the lab one day last week so I wouldn't get my DNA all over every sample submitted. If I show up in a profile sometime in… ooooh, April or May of 2007, this is why. Remember that. (That's how long our current DNA backlog is.)

2. I went to my first gay bar with a few friends of mine one night last week. (We also got horribly lost in the city and ended up in Kansas. I do not blame the woman reading the map – not only because that woman was me, but because the map was not detailed enough to be helpful. "I don't know, there're only six roads on this map!") It was karaoke night, but upstairs the dance floor was still open. You know what's cool about gay bars? They play a whole shitload of Madonna. Three songs from her newest album! Three! Seems I'll have to go back someday. (Also – wow… gay men really know how to dance on poles. It was impressive.)

3. Beth and I went to see Hairspray at Starlight. It was freakin' awesome. I loved Penny Pingelton the most! And I got to drag Sarah along as well to mooch off of the free orchestra tickets Beth scored at work. Had a great time in the cool "autumn" night. Then I was insanely sleepy at work the next day. I made a mental note to myself not to do things after work two nights in a row. I must be getting old.

4. Tom's in town from Indiana this weekend/week. I spent most of the weekend with him and the Andersons. We went to Worlds of Fun "Halloweekends" and rode some of the rides and went in a haunted house. I got scared a good four times – where I actually jumped back and screamed. Man, I hate haunted houses. Then we went to IHOP. I haven't been there since at least January. Why is it that I only like breakfast food if it's served at night and there's chocolate milk involved?

5. We went back to the Renaissance Festival, and I have to say, it's better when you're intoxicated. Although, this time we sat in the section that cheered for the "evil" knight during the joust. It's way more fun to cheer on the bad guys. After that we went to the Yard House for dinner and drinks. Surprisingly, their food is way good. I expected it to just be a beer place, since they have 130 to choose from. But, t'wasn't.

6. I had a dream last night that I had surgery of some sort on my face and arms. I'm sure it has to do with the disfigurement from the sunburn. =) Oh, and just to make sure you know… I didn't wear sunscreen at all this weekend while I was outdoors. I'm fine, by the way. No damage this time. Damn freak sunburning in September. That happens to no one but me.

Soooo… needless to say… I spent a whole bunch of money recently. Of course, I have more than I used to, so I'm not complaining. I'm far from the brokeness level I was at this time last year, when I was coming close to being unemployed for an undetermined length of time and was trying to save as much money as humanly possible.

Wow. I've come a long way since then. Go me.

I should be spending more money soon. I need to go buy something really nice to wear to court because I'll be testifying eventually – and I'm taking a courtroom testimony class that I actually have to "dress for court" for. So… yeah. Shopping.

Can't you feel the excitement?

Okay… yay. You're all caught up.

End Blog.

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