Friday, August 22, 2008

Google Scores

I added a site counter awhile back because I was curious about two things - 1) how many people actually read this blog, and 2) how are they finding it in the first place?

Now, I didn't really research finding a super good counter with crazy statistics or anything; I was just looking for some general information. So, the counter I have will just give me the last ten people who have been on this site, telling me if it was a direct hit or if it came from a referring URL, what their operating system is, and what browser they use. With a few odd exceptions - like people who have links to my blog on their own blog - the referrals all come from Google. Not really a big surprise.

What is a big surprise is what these people have typed into Google. By clicking on the referring URL, it shows me exactly what the search parameters were.

For example:
kristen wiig tony the tiger

You may remember my blog about this, called Kristen Wiig = Favorite SNL Cast Member. My little blog comes up as the number one hit for that search, and I'm sure they found exactly what they were looking for. Sweet.
Score: A+

olympic drumming dildo

This search provides another link here - to my post Olympic Opening Ceremonies, Beijing. Now, while I used all those words, this was probably not what the Google searcher was looking for. Although, I still believe those are relatively good search words... depending on what they were trying to find.

Score: B

The next person, however, receives a failing grade for Google. They wrote:

madonna give it 2 me good except for get stupid part

While I am the fifth hit, how do they expect to find anything with that search? Did they want downloadable content like an edited MP3 or video file? Or did they just want to see how many other people think she was pretty dumb for putting that in the middle of her song? I don't even know why you would search that. Never the less... I agree with the statement, just not using it on a Google search.

Score: F

So, beware. If Google helped you to find me, I'll be grading your internet searching skills from now on, and should I find something worth mention, it'll be on here someday.

End Blog.

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