Thursday, August 21, 2008

Win or Lose, It's How You Play

Misty and Kerri won their second gold medal in beach volleyball.

It was a great game. Thrilling until the end. And then they interviewed them and both said that they're going to put the volleyball thing on hold for a while to have some babies. Not really sure why they want it to look like they've swallowed a volleyball, but I'm okay with them making babies for the next best future volleyball team, because it's not like they would request my babysitting services.

Did you see them all giddy and thanking the President during their interview? They're pretty classy. Love him or hate him, they were pretty great about representing their country with pride and humility. They really are world class. And I guess the meet and greet with the President didn't jinx their game, after all.

I won't talk about some of the runners I've seen who I think are incredibly cocky, but I would like to mention one other athlete who was amazing on camera during her interviews - Lolo Jones. Gracious and pleasant even though you knew she was completely devastated by her hurdles performance.

I certainly hope to see her again. She's the type of person who should represent the country for us all. She may not have won her race, but she's definitely a winner.

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