Thursday, March 16, 2006

Your Daily Vocab

I know you’re sick of these but I’ve finished the first section of reading I was given, so hopefully there won’t be more for a little while. Therefore, I thought I’d do this a little differently. First, I shall give you words I read today that I think should be used more often. Because I don’t hear them enough.

Cogently - forceful and convincing to the intellect and reason

Caveat - warning or proviso, something said as a warning, caution, or qualification

Unequivocal - allowing for no doubt or misinterpretation

Secondly, I will give you words that I didn’t know the meaning of and had to look up for curiosity’s sake.

Tincture - a solution of a plant product or chemical substance in alcohol

Crenated- with a scalloped edge or a surface with rounded projections

And finally… because 1.) I've never heard of two of these words, 2.) it’s really kinda gross when I just give you these three, and 3.) for a taste of the very weird reading I did today:

Scarlet - a bright red color tinged with orange

Puerperium - the period immediately after childbirth when the womb is returning to its normal size, lasting approximately six weeks

Lochial - the normal vaginal discharge of cell debris and blood after childbirth

I was going to end this blog with some sort of witty comment… but I don’t know how to follow up “normal vaginal discharge” with class.

End Blog.

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