Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm Rich!! Kinda.

I got one email today. It was from Chase, the credit card company I don't have a credit card with, telling me that my account has been locked due to unusual activity and I needed to re-log in with all my vital info.

Whoa. My little alarm went off. I have another credit card!? Woooo! Online shopping spree!

I didn't want to not charge things, so I went online, signed in with ramdomly picked numbers and letters (because I knew I didn't have a usename and password), and it took me to a screen that would fix the problem with my non-existant credit card. Woohoo! I totally logged in! They'll just be needing my mother's maiden name, my social security number, an email address, my credit card number, the verification number on the back, and the experiation date.

Hell, if I had all that, I'D BE USING MY OWN DAMN CHASE CARD! I don't freaking have one, people!!

So, if you get an email like this:

Don't click the link. And if you do, don't fill out the info. Or... alternatively... if you do, also sent me the information because I have some things I'd like to buy. Like a bed and a DVD player. Send me that info. I'll totally charge expensive things to your account.

Stupid internet phishing schemes. At least send it to people that actually have the credit card so you don't get found out. I reported it to Chase's email abuse center.

I wouldn't be sad if these people died. Okay, well, maybe I would be a little sad. They were the only ones who emailed me today.

End Blog.

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