Thursday, March 16, 2006

Re-Cut Movie Trailers

There are some geniuses out there with a lot of extra time on their hands who have taken it upon themselves to re-tool the trailers of some of our most beloved movies and turn them into something else. Thrillers become romances. Love stories become horror movies. Horror movies become buddy family dramas. And Brokeback Mountain paved the way for practically everything to be a gay romance.

I’ve gone through lots of these. And here, listed below are the better ones I’ve seen. These are the ones I thought somewhat worthy of sharing, should you feel so inclined to wait for downloads. They don’t all use the same media player, so I hope all of yours are updated.

Sleepless in Seattle as a thriller

The Shining as a Nora Ephron film

Psycho as a love story

West Side Story as a horror/zombie flick

Groundhog Day as a vampire comedy

Back to the Future re-imagined in Brokeback Mountain style

Star Wars re-imagined in Brokeback Mountain style – with droids!

It’s amazing what editing and different music can accomplish. If I ever decide to get a hobby, this is how I’m spending my time.

End Blog.

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