Thursday, March 09, 2006

You Got Moxie, Kid

We went to Moxie’s tonight. I swindled Beth into playing pool with me so I could win and I drank a Bud Light. It wasn’t bad. Maybe some beer is okay. Then we ate dinner and found out it was trivia night. Daniel won the first round of “singles trivia” and then we were all put up against the rest of the people at the bar for the next round when it switched to teams. We won by half a point because Nick got us a partial bonus point for knowing that the actress in Coyote Ugly was Piper Perabo. (None of us knew the character’s name was Violet.) Each winning team member got a free shot of the bartender’s choosing.

He decided to make us all “leg spreaders”. They were deliciously scrumptious. We have no idea what was in them… but they were green and tasted like they contained coconut and pineapple. So the green might have been apple pucker or midori. It’s something worth looking into. Mmm. Anyway…

Good, fun night. I’m glad I decided to join them.

Although, if I ever tell this story again, it’ll be more like this: “Remember that time Piper Perabo got me a delicious leg spreader at the bar?”

Rock on.

End Blog.

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