Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Search Continues…

…for the most insane Olympian. Now, I thought those lugers were nutters, but I’ve found a woman who has taken over as the current most insane sportsman, ever. I am sure, given that I continue to watch these games, that there’s someone more fanatical out there. But for now…

I’m going with this woman who competes in skeleton – which is like the luge except you get to fling yourself down the track head first. I didn’t catch her name or home country, which I apologize for because I certainly want to know, but not only is she involved with this sport, but she’s still doing it while two months pregnant.

So, pregnant, running on ice, jumping stomach first onto a hard sled, and speeding head first down an icy mountain where it’s a miracle every time you don’t die. Who cares about metals? These people are actually alive at the bottom of the hill! Everyone’s a winner!

So, barring any unfortunate mishaps on the ice, I fear this kid of hers will be the ultimate thrill-seeker. And then he or she will end up topping this list someday when they invent the newest sport using the bobsled track called “Suicide” – where you go down head first, on your back, looking up at the sky, blindfolded, without a sled, while shooting heroine and playing Russian roulette. The person to kill themselves in the fastest time as they reach the bottom of the hill, wins.

Don’t think it won’t happen.

End Blog.

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