Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Nothing Will Ever Top 02/14/2005

So, this Valentine’s Day was not as cool as last year when I went to the morgue. Not even a little bit… but, things did get accomplished today. I…

1. Cancelled my phone line service
2. Cancelled my DSL
3. Cancelled my cable (all effective on the 28th)
4. Gave my leasing office my move-out date
5. Bought plain white paper for packing breakables
6. Faxed an application to the apartment I want to live at
7. Informed my two bosses what my last day would be
8. Oh, yeah, and I worked at work as well

And now… to acknowledge that it’s Valentine’s Day, I bought myself Chipotle. And I’m going to eat my chicken burrito with black beans with an icy cold Dr Pepper and at least take solace in the fact that I’m not leaving behind one of those significant-other-type-people when I move.

At least I know how to take care of me and make it a good Valentine’s Day. So, should you ever want to make my day remember – Chipotle and Dr Pepper. If there’s a heaven, I’m positive that they’ll both be there in abundance. And there won’t be a line.

End Blog.

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