Monday, June 30, 2008

Daniel's Magical Mustache

Dan stopped cutting his hair and shaving his mustache parts sometime in March, bringing much joy to the land. He looks like he's preparing for time travel back into the 70's.

In that light, I have given Daniel magical powers, just like Samantha Stephens had on Bewitched. Which would also make Beth Darrin. It just goes to show that true love can endure the most vexing situations!

Enjoy. Laugh. Repeat.

I wonder what sort of spells he's casting... maybe I don't want to know.

Life would be a little less lively without this guy.

End Blog.


Beth said...

BAHHHH!!! I just showed that to all the ladies at work. That seriously has made my day.

-Beth "Darrin"

Daniel said...

What spells was I casting?

Simple: just making sure the Cardinals would win the next three games in a row...

...and that my party would be a huge success!

(They did and it was!)


Brenda said...

Did you have to cast that spell since they lost 4 out of 6 games of the I-70 series?