Thursday, June 26, 2008

She's Totally Hawking Out, Man!

When Remy goes into "alert mode", she usually shows it by raising the hackles on her back. Now, most dogs I've encountered only raise their hair in the areas over their shoulders and just before their tails. But not Remy. No, Remy has a full blown mohawk all the way down her back. It's the coolest thing... ever.

This morning I stuck her on her cable (thankfully, since I don't always) and went to the bathroom myself. When I came back, she hadn't moved from her position and was standing stalk still... totally hawking out. (I will not get rid of that expression, I love it.) She did this the night I got my grill and put the cover over it, too. It was fantastic, she had no idea what the huge black thing in the back yard was, and therefore needed to show her dominance.

She was super intensely focused on the back of the yard. So, I did what any normal person would do... I went and got my camera.
This picture was taken through my backdoor glass. You can see Remy trying to put the fear of god into the black cat along my back fence. (To the right of the tree.) It's just sitting back there, staring back. I think I interrupted a stare-off. I'm pretty sure Remy's saying, "Get out of my yard, cat. Mine." (I mowed it yesterday. Doesn't it look fantastic? Maybe the two of them are just fascinated with the grass...)

I opened the door, and apparently this was permission to attack. Remy bolted, I yelled at her to stop through laughter, and the cable snapped her back to reality as the cat hopped over the fence. Remy almost did a back flip and crashed into the grass. It was hilarious. And then I cursed myself for not turning on the video option on the camera I was holding in my hand. Missed opportunities.

She shook it off and trotted back to the patio, still in full hawk mode. You did good, kid.
Man, she really hates cats. It's awesome. Also, today I heard that the cat she used to live with (who I assume tortured her constantly) has died. I think Remy might have a little grin on her face about that one.

I think if it had taken a little longer for me to name her, she might have been Mohawk. Or just Hawk. Because both of those names are currently nicknames for her. She does it so often and so readily, and she just looks so cool with her bad self. One of the many personality quirks I've grown to love.

Especially because I get to scream, "She's totally hawking out, man!"

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Beth said...

You could have named her "LadyHawk" and pretended she was Michelle Pheiffer" (dont think that's spelled right).

P.S. Remy is adorable!