Sunday, June 08, 2008

NASA is My Hero

You should watch When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions on the Discovery Channel. It's awesome. I've gotten goosebumps. I've teared up. I still really wish that I was an astronaut and could go to the moon.

And watching this series, it amazes me that we even got off the face of the planet in the first place, let alone made it to the moon. And on that note, when's the last time that the country has been so inspired to do anything that a president says he wants us to do? It's still so unbelievable that we accomplished all that we have in the space program.

And I completely agree with Hillary Clinton - in one of her speeches she spoke about the energy crisis and going green and alternative forms of energy - and she said it should be our new moon mission. And she's right. We should be challenged to lose our dependence on oil within the next decade. Kennedy wanted to put a man on the moon. And we did it. How ridiculously crazy is that? It might not be as glamorous as leaving the Earth and visiting the moon, but if we could get minds together like those that created NASA, I have no doubt that we could actually get it done.

We went to the moon. The moon. How hard could it be to not use petroleum?

Really, you should watch it. It's so inspiring. Where is the government funding and the scientific backing we used to have? I think we must have been much smarter in the sixties. Where is our sense of community? America, pull yourselves together. Go fix the world without going to war.

Our new moon is green.

End Blog.

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