Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Photo Log

Here are a few photos from the holiday. Possibly if I'm ambitious I shall tell you stories of travel. Like how I continually miss exits, the "Don't Drive Into Smoke" signs, and the confusing toll system. Although, you may never read about those things because there were like, 12 things I thought I should write about on the drive and I already don't remember most of them. I should have a dictaphone or someone that follows me around that knows shorthand. That could be fun, no?

But nothing's more fun than pictures! This is more enjoyable anyway.

Upon arrival in Texas, we attempt to settle the yellow dogs down and take a "girls only" picture. Sadly, you can see Dad's whole left side. Pretend he isn't there.

Don't I look nice after 9 hours of travel?

A doggie family photo. No easy task. Isn't it really weird to see 4 dogs inside? I still can't get over it.

Look, Remy's smiling.

Thanksgiving. My dog eats way fast and in the laying position - Closer to the food that way.

I shoveled food into my mouth in much the same fashion. Nothing beats Mom's stuffing. Yumm-o.

Zonked out on all that tryptophan. She's taking after me already.

Man, that couch is evil. It's so comfy and you kinda just fall into it. Snoooooooze.

My sleepin' Remikins. We're not big enough football fans to stay awake. Though, she was cheering for the Longhorns. See that team color around her neck?

Bookends. Savvy and Remy, my two girls. It's somewhat eerie how similar they are.

I must have just woken up. I don't even remember this being taken.

Overall it was a lovely trip. Rem was well behaved and everyone got along. It was nice to see the 'rents as well. And I swindled a free oil change out of my dad and enough food to feed an army out of mom.

My car now has almost 22,000 miles on it and I'm quite sure it no longer has a new car smell. (I couldn't smell it but others could.) Now, I think it mostly smells a little doggie. But, such is life. All my things will smell like that soon. She's worth it though. Remy likes to love you. Lots.

End Blog.


Big Sis said...

okay, so which dog is which is the second photo on this post. I've never met Quila and can't see any collars, so only know Rudy.

Nikki said...

From left to right:

Remy, Rudy, Savvy (in the back), Quila.