Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Yes, I jumped the gun last night (or rather, early this morning) in reporting the winners of the Senate race. I was certain Montana was more of a sure thing than either Virginia or Missouri, and the good guys were (basically) winning there. But, I suppose there was a reason Fox News and CNN hadn’t called it yet. But, the good news is in - they're finally calling Montana.

I’m still wearing my indigo glasses though, so things are looking pretty blue all around from here. Especially since McCaskill won. Plus, I just learned an interesting little tidbit.

Remember Amendment 2, Missouri’s stem cell initiative? It totally passed. 1,024,136 to 996,584. (Or if you’re a percent kind of person: 50.7% to 49.3% - but I’m sure these numbers will change again.) Amazing! I really didn’t think it was going to because so many people were confused by the stupid advertising going on; labeling it “Tricky 2”.

However, one thing that didn’t pass was the tobacco tax. Damn. Would ya’ll just stop smoking already? I wish I could vote all the indoor places like bars and restaurants smoke free. I’m so sick of coming home smelling like smoke. Stupid cigarettes.

But… Yay! Stem cells! Now we can find cures to your cancers, you stupid smokers.

Oh yeah, and Donald Rumsfeld (good ol' Rummy!) has resigned. Things are looking up.

End Blog.

PS… as a former resident of Pennsylvania I’d just like to say scream, “Suck it, Santorum!”


Anonymous said...

PS… as a former resident of Pennsylvania I’d just like to say scream, “Suck it, Santorum!”

Somwhere out there, Dan Savage is so totally agreeing with you on that one...

Nikki said...

That definition is my most favorite thing about Santorum.

Just like my favorite thing about Bush is how you get his website when you search 'failure' or 'miserable failure' on Google.

Dan Savage and Googlebombers are geniuses.