Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I'm blogging to you from a remote undisclosed location where, through my indigo colored classes, I see the Democrats taking majority control over both the House and the Senate and Republicans consecutively thanking God during their concession speeches.

Amen to that.

I know that you don't believe that I have such influence over politics, but do you really think it was a coincidence that both Virginia and Missouri were the most hotly contested Senate races? I lived in both states this year alone. Too bad I only got to vote in one of them.

Virginia passed a law banning gay unions and defined marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Missouri voted no on their stem cell research initiative. So, Missouri didn't ban cloning. In fact, all it did was keep stem cell research entirely unrestricted. In a way a guess that's a win. The research is just not getting state funding or any regulations (good or bad) anytime soon.

Anyway… welcome to my world. Democrats will take back the Senate. I'm giving them Missouri, Virginia, and Montana and hoping I don't wake up heartbroken in the morning.

Yay McCaskill!
Go big blue!

End Blog.

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