Thursday, November 30, 2006


I should really start watching the news. I haven't really seen a weather report in a while. Who knew we were supposed to get all this snow today? Well, apparently everyone but me.

We got out of work early again today. I'm loving this salary thing more and more. Although, I feel like I'm getting nothing accomplished at work. I keep getting interrupted in the middle of things.

Also, I managed to get a paper cut today in the lunch room on some tin foil. I haven't done that before, but let me tell you... Ouch! That hurts way more than regular paper cuts. And it bled a whole lot too. So, I played with the first aid kit in the lab today so I didn't contaminate all the stuff I was looking at. Especially since I was doing a lot of confirmation tests for blood.

It took me an hour to drive home. It usually takes about 25 minutes, but people really freak out about snow. Once we hit the bridge, no one did over 15 miles per hour. Don't you think that's overly conservative? I do. I mean, you have to at least do 40 so that you don't need to use your windshield wipers. Sadly, mine were a big mess of snow and ice and not actually all that helpful the last, oh... 10 miles of the trip.

Now that I'm home and the car's parked in the lot they're working wonderfully. But my feet are really very cold.

It's currently 18 degrees outside. With the wind chill it's supposed to feel like 5. The forecast claims we're getting 6-10 inches of snow. And me, without my shovel. I knew there was something I was supposed to do...


End Blog.

PS - Remy likes the snow. I need a fenced yard or something so I can really play with her. I know she wants to run around in it, but I have to keep her on a leash. It's kind of sad.


Aunt Chris said...

I told you to buy a'll think of me when you're digging out your car with a dustpan!

Nikki said...

I know! You are ever so smart. Sadly, even when told to, I don't prepare well. I'm hoping that my car is awesome enough to drive over whatever the plow puts in front of it. I mean, it's only frozen water.

Tomorrow morning's gonna suck.

Anonymous said...

That salad spinner has a bowl. Could be useful for that snow in a pinch. Think about it... RE: my comment on the flashlight request.

Nikki said...

I don't often find the need to spin things. But, if you really really want to get rid of it that badly, I'll take it. Because, if I did want to spin something, the only objects I have for such occasions are my washer and dryer.