Sunday, November 19, 2006


I may have accidentally named my dog.

I've been "trying out" the name Remi (Remy? I haven't decided on spelling) and she started to actually respond to it. Can dogs relearn their names that quickly? Should I keep it as Remington by default? She seemed to accept it quite readily.

Her head snaps my way and the ears perk up when she hears it. And she just trotted in from another room after I yelled, "Remi?" She may be highly intelligent.

I'm looking for something not very common and not insanely girly. I think I could swing Remington as a girl's name. Depsite the fact that Remington Steele was created specifically because it sounded masculine so Laura Holt could get some business. (Speaking of, that seems like a series that's screaming, "Nikki, watch me!" so I put it in my Blockbuster queue.)

She likes to follow me around when I move. And when I went into the kitchen to get a drink, she took a drink of water too. It was kind of cute, but I'm sure completely coincidental. I ordered pizza tonight. For several reasons.

1. Easy.
2. I have no food in my house.
3. Pizza delivery comes with a complimentary knock on your door.
4. No dog of mine will strictly eat dog food. The first approved "people food" a dog should have is pizza crust. (Yes, I know, she'll be completely spoiled.)

I learned a couple things tonight.

1. My dog still doesn't bark when someone's at the door.
2. She also behaves extremely well - no jumping, no trying to tackle the pizza guy. She stays inside while I stand with the door open and sign my name for the credit card. This is an amazingly awesome trait. But probably also bad... I don't think she understands her job as "protector".
3. Every dog likes pizza crust.
4. She can only kind of catch food flung at her head. But the sit pretty thing should be relatively easy to teach.

I was supposed to leave for a few hours today to make sure she could handle being alone. Except... I really had no desire to leave my apartment today. So... I didn't. I think she'll be okay on her own tomorrow while I'm at work. But, if she's not... well, it's my own fault for not testing that theory out. This also means that I didn't buy her new food dishes. The Tupperware's working just fine.

I'm expecting something to go horribly wrong soon though. I mean, everything's been going so smoothly since she came home. No dog can possibly be this good, right?

End Blog.


Big Sis said...

So have you been a good scientist and called her other things? You need a control, you know. She could look at you no matter what you say.

Anonymous said...

Heh, I say if she comes to Remi, and you like it, go with it. She's you dog, your best friend and protector(hopefully), not some lab experiment. Even if she looks like a Lab. =P And I like Remi. Spelled anyway you like.