Saturday, September 06, 2008

Chiefs v. Rams, Preseason

I've been trying to get this blog up for a few days now, but since I'm downloading and burning a project to DVD for a coworker, things here have been moving slow and slow makes me frustrated with computing in general. So, instead of trying so hard, I've walked away and ignored it... until now.

Here are some pictures from the Chiefs and Rams game I went to with Carolyn, her coworker, and her coworker's friend.

It poured before the game. I mean, POURED. Hell, it poured during the game, too. There was hail and lightning. It was a pretty bad-ass storm. So, we sat in the parking lot for almost an hour and a half and drank beer. It was a pretty good time. But then we decided that we better brave the weather and go in or miss all of the game. We got pretty wet on the way to the stadium, but it had gotten better by the time we actually moved from the safety of the car.

Once we got in we found out that the game hadn't even started yet. They postponed it temporarily for all the lightning. So we found our seats and had another beer! The people sitting around us were all super awesome and every time the Chiefs scored, there were high fives all around. Football games are 20 billion times better than baseball games.

The Chiefs even won this game! Look at how empty the seats are since the weather was so bad and it was "only a preseason game". Whatever. Any football is fun to watch. It's sad that the place wasn't packed. I bet the Patriots and Giants and Colts preseason games were all at full capacity.

I took this picture near the start of the game. Look at the color of the sky! What a weird storm. It looked grey-purple. I'm not sure if the picture really does it justice.

The seats we had were awesome. We were under the overhang so when it started raining again, people flocked to our area. We didn't even have to wipe down our seats. And do you see how close we were? Totally cool.

Look at the deluge! Haha all you other people (including the players)!

It was a super good time. I'm looking forward to Sunday when I get to go see the home opener against the Raiders. Let's hope that if that game comes down to making 5 yards in 4 downs again, they actually DO it this time.

Sadly, Croyle is out this week with a shoulder separation so Huard is quarterbacking. That's a little disappointing, but maybe he'll prove himself this week.

I'll be happy enough if Bowe doesn't drop the ball.

End Blog.

PS - I lost my fantasy football game by 0.40 points this week. I blame Peyton Manning. Does he even remember how to play?

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