Monday, September 15, 2008

Tina Fey Returns to SNL

Okay, it might have been a one night only engagement, but I surely hope they let her come back to spoof Sarah Palin more often. One of the saddest things about Hillary Clinton not winning is the fact that we're going to see less of Amy Poehler playing her.

If you missed the opening to the new season on Saturday, watch this. (Excuse the ads, I pulled it from Hulu because some of the youtube ones got yanked.) It's almost too perfect for me to even comment more on. There's so much to love about this. I adored it.

I love it when she says, "And I can see Russia from my house!" I think that line makes me laugh the most.

Hey, the neatest thing about this is that one of my coworkers actually knows the cop that Sarah Palin tried to get fired. It's true, everyone from Alaska knows each other!

End Blog.

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